this is love: to fly toward a secret sky // rumi

When Julie & Greg first said they wanted to do their engagement session at the County Fair I was all in.  I'd never shot anything at a county fair, or even been to a county fair actually- so challenge accepted.  I was away in the Adirondack Mountains the week before so I had a lot of time to think about this one and I just knew I wanted something different than what I had seen in the past.  I wanted to capture the earthiness of the fair and avoid that bubble gum quality.   We met up and hit the demolition derby which was SO COOL before we started shooting.  These two were just such an absolute blast to hang out with and the constantly changing light and motion was so fun to play with.  I may have had a few moments of panic as I was furiously changing settings every half second but so worth it because I really, really love these images and this couple and the county fair!  Also the funnel cakes.  Fair food is something special : )