And the mountains said I will find you here. They whispered the snow and the leaves in my Ear. I traced my finger along your trails and your body was the map, I was lost in it... the glaciers made you and now you're mine.  [Great Lake Swimmers]

From the moment I met Andrew & Daniel I loved them.  But I am fairly certain they have that effect on everyone they meet.  Their kindness, their connection and their happiness is infectious.  They drove up from NYC on the most gorgeous, perfect fall day and we hiked to the waterfall.  It was one of those magic evenings where time stood still and you wished you could just bottle up the air and the smell and the sunshine and the feeling and bring it home with you.  We got to the top of the falls just in time to watch the sunset over the mountains and then hiked out in the pitch black laughing all the way because not one of us had remembered our headlamps or flashlights (thank the universe for cell phones with lights).  I am quite literally counting the days until I can photograph their wedding day in Lake Placid.  It's going to be filled with magic for sure.