When the evening pulls the sun down, and the day is almost through. Oh the whole world is sleeping, but my world is you.

The Paper Kites

What if it rains on your wedding day? What if it pours through the morning, noon and night? Well if you are Stephanie and Andy and are freaking madly in love with each other and the outdoors you enjoy every single magical second with smiles on your faces upturned to catch every rain drop. You run through the grass holding hands. You throw your wet shoes off and tear it up on the dance floor. You have a dirty hem and a muddy good time and no one will ever forget it. In the words of Stephanie ‘We love sun. We love rain. We love all of it.’ If you can’t tell I fell hopelessly in love with these two forever.

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Venue: Handsome Hollow

DJ: Jay McElfresh

Florist: Farm Hand Flowers

Hair & Make-up: Le Shag

Dress: Inbal Raviv

Cake Artist: Grounded Catering